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The Algarve is known to have the best beach sites in Portugal. This is the "lots of diving holiday program" but with time to go to the beach, and time to visit places where tourism is rare and diving is exceptional. And remember, we can always advise a different location and balance between diving and visiting.


From £735.55

or $883 US or 810 euro
Package for two people
10% discount with LoveScuba
Save £81.73

8 days program with 4 days diving, 8 dives of your choice, program for 2

Algarve, Portimao, Praia da Rocha (other locations available)

Praia da Rocha - Ocean Revival Park, and Sagres (other areas available)

8 days, 7 nights in a 3-star hotel or apartment at Portimao or Praia da Rocha (room for 2) + car with pre-programmed GPS for 2 days (free for your discretionary use during the 2 days diving and for you to go from the hotel to Sagres).

This package includes local support during your stay; If you want to add something different or to change the timeline, just talk to us.


You will arrive at Faro Airport.
From there you'll go to Portimão, your base camp.
For you to have an independent and quiet stay, we will provide a car with a pre-programmed GPS. This will give you the opportunity to drive around the Algarve, but also to get to the diving locations. No need to worry about any trip, you will be guided by the previously programmed GPS.
In this Pure Pleasure Diving trip you will dive in Sagres and the Ocean Revival Park.


The first 2 days diving will take you to Sagres.
Dating back from the Roman conquest times, it was in the 15th century that Sagres achieved great importance.
The frequent presence of Prince D. Henrique, "the Navigator", during the first days of Atlantic navigation and the discovery of the African coast as far as the Gulf of Guinea has forever linked this picturesque fishing port with the Discoveries. So once there, it's your turn to make history. At least your dives will be forever part of your own history.  Diving in Sagres it's great. Our advice falls on one wreck and a beautiful and easy cave; the Torvore and the Catedral (Cathedral cave). After the dives, our suggestion is that you stay for a while. Visit the villa and have lunch, here too there are lots of restaurants where you can have a wonderful meal. Our suggestion fresh fish, what else?

On the Sacrum promontory, the sailors made promises before setting off on their long voyages. We promise one thing: great diving!




There are things you've got to do. In Algarve, especially if you are in Praia da Rocha, you have to go to the beach.
No need to justify, just go.





The ships lay down on a sandy bed. They look great. It's the Ocean Revival Park!
At Portimao - Praia da Rocha you will dive the Ocean Revival Park. There, you have the chance to dive 4 ships that were sunk for our pleasure. They are full of marine life, of course, and for a diver, they are a tremendous underwater show. Enjoy, it's great, fun, and safe.
In this link, you can check one of them, the Fragata Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo.And more on the video bellow.

The Ocean Revival project was born with the aim of promoting the underwater tourism of the Algarve, which makes it an exceptional destination. Four ships are part of this project: "Commander Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate", "Corveta Oliveira e Carmo", "Patrulha Zambeze" and "Navio Hidrográfico Almeida e Carvalho".


Surface interval, yes, it has to be.
One more day at the beach? Why not. Go for it!


Time to say goodbye. It's departure day.
If you want us to take you to the airport remember to call your Portugal Dive Buddy.

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