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A diving trip to the Azores, an archipelago lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it's a trip to paradise, on a 2 hour flight from Lisbon. Meetings with the many pelagics who frequent these waters (whale sharks, mantas, amberjacks, multiple species of sharks ...), are expected. Prepare yourself.
The air temperatures vary from 12 to 25° C while those of the water oscillate between 16 and 24 ° C. Remember, we can always advise a different location and balance between diving and visiting.

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8 days program with 5 days diving, 10 dives of your choice, program for 2

Azores Archipelago, Santa Maria Island (other locations available)

Azores Islands, several spots, from Santa Maria (other areas available)

8 days, 7 nights in a 3-star hotel or apartment at the Santa Maria Island (room for 2). All dive with wet suit and equipment included.

This package includes local support during your stay; If you want to add something different or to change the timeline, just talk to us.


You will arrive at the Ponta Delgada Airport..
From there you'll sail to Santa Maria, your base camp.
Your choice is to dive the Atlantic Ocean, but a different one, these waters are unique.


These 5 days, during the morning, are dedicated to diving.
You will depart from Santa Maria heading towards a fantastic experience. If you are used to diving in the Atlantic, it's nothing like that. The diving here it's excellent. In the diving centre, you will be asked about many options but we cannot omit our favourites. Baixa do Ambrosio is for sure one of them. This reef is one of the most sought-after spots, Although the bottom depth is found at 50mts you can opt to stay on the rope between 2 and 15mts, enough to observe the huge shoals of fish, devil rays, etc. The depth's not a problem, this place is also fantastic for snorkeling. Many others to dive, but our second reference goes to the Blue Cave. Translated from the Portuguese: "Gruta Azul", this is a beautiful cave you'll see descending, at about 13mts. There are 3 possible entrances to this cave that cross the island from one end to another. And we say no more. You'll see - and feel - why.

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Diving the Azores is diving with sharks, manta-rays, swimming with shoals of different species and even getting to see wales. All this is waiting for you if you choose this incredible visiting and diving trip.

It is said that the Azores are the Switzerland of the Atlantic, regarding its natural beauty. For us scubadivers, it is surely the most exotic diving destination, on a 2 hours flight from Lisbon!


An enormous wale-shark swim by a group of lucky divers.
Do you want to get pics like this?

Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores. So after the dives and on the remaining days walking and visiting is mandatory! And even some hiking.
To the East, on the island of Santa Maria where you'll be staying, the beaches of warm white sand are inviting, and the vineyards covering the slopes like an amphitheatre resemble giant staircases. This is just one of the nine Azores' islands, nine small worlds that have as many similarities as differences, but where the friendliness of their inhabitants is shared by all.



Surface interval, yes, it has to be.
One more day at the beach? Why not. Go for it!


Time to say goodbye. It's departure day.
If you want us to take you to the airport remember to call your Portugal Dive Buddy.

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