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This is an exceptional diving program. Take your entire crew with you. You will share this exclusive diving experience with those who usually aren't there with you. And we promise - they'll enjoy the whole (diving) day.

This program is dedicated to taking you diving but also for you to be sure that everybody has lots of fun. You dive, your buddies dive, and your friends (that don't dive) will be there with you, enjoying a very special day at the beach.


Everything you need from the moment we pick you up at your hotel - and we mean you and your entire crew: diving buddies and your friends that will not dive but today they go with you, just because they can - to the moment we return you, tired but relaxed and extremely happy because you've done something completely different and exclusive today. Something that you've dreamed before but you never thought that you could do. You've had a tremendous diving day, you and your diving buddies, but also your girlfriend and your friends and family, those that usually don't come along because diving is only for divers.

Well, not today!

Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo

This beautiful beach, where we'll spend a tremendous day has a unique beauty. Which is why it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Arrábida coast. 

It is better to access by boat, for two reasons. One is that the ride by boat is truly fantastic, you will be able to see the landscape from the sea, and it is just breathless. The second is that by foot it's 30 minute going down, and everything that goes down as to come up, right? If you are not an athlete, (or working to be) the trail is rough. You better take a boat, and that is why on this Exclusive Dive, we will take you there... by boat.

If you are an adventurer or you like outdoor activities, like climbing, long walks, exercise, feel free to say it to and 1) we'll include such activities in the program or 2) just meet us there. Don't forget to wear sneakers! Wearing flippers, you will regret the decision.

The water just in front of Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo (translated to English the name would be Horse Creek Beach) is rich in marine flora and fauna. A paradise for those who like to dive or snorkel, being frequent to observe fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Because it is not a hidden paradise anymore we suggest you schedule this Exclusive Dive on a weekday so that you won´t find a crowded beach.

As you decide to go by boat or by foot, we are here to help you with everything you need and to make sure that you won’t forget this day.

"I thought that diving and spending time with my family was difficult or almost impossible. But after exclusive diving with Portugal Dive, I started thinking differently“ - A thankful husband and father 

In this Exclusive Dive, will provide transport for the entire crew, boat and diving equipment for those who are going to dive. Also lunch at the beach with water and soft drinks (complimentary - the whole day) and activities for those who will remain at the beach during the dive. If the number of divers allows it, there may be seats available for some friends to go on the boat while others are diving.

The group size depends on the booked dive and other activities for those remaining at the beach. A typical "A day at the beach and diving" exclusive dive can take up to 5 persons. If your crew is bigger, talk to us. We'll see what we can do.

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