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Our Coral Bay Divers, Pissouri Bay Divers and TD Diving Cyprus  LoveScuba Packages Offer a Wide Range of Dive Site Environments from deep offshore cliff faces to beautiful sandy bays teaming with fish, your visit to Paphos, Protaras or Larnaca will give you the opportunity to dive at the following world renowned sites. 

Coral Bay Harbour

A very easy accessible dive site for getting back into the water and comfortably dive around the Coral Bay Harbour Wall venturing for the many different creatures between the rocks. Maximum depth 7 metres.


St. Georges Harbour

This picturesque fishing village to the north of Paphos Town, offers diving for all qualifications and experiences. This is due to the depths ranging from 6 to 36 metres. Dives start inside the harbour and go along the harbour wall. It is a nursing spot for juvenile barracudas who cruise here at leisure.


St. Georges Island

A short boat trip takes you to the incredible St. Georges Island just off the coast by St. Georges Harbour. Offering a variety of dive sites around the island makes this site very popular for all levels of divers as again the depths range from 5 metres to 30 metres.

Manijin Island

This smaller island is reached by a 10 minute boat ride from Coral Bay Harbour. This is a very scenic dive with a wall, a spectacular cave and swim-through. The cave is covered with a variety of colourful calciferous algae. This dive is ideal for the beginner as well as the experienced diver with dive depths from 5 metres to 24 metres.



As the name of this dive site suggests it consists of a "replica" of an Amphitheatre. This has been carved into the underwater coastline by the natural sea currents and there are several around the island.. A very nice and easy dive to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery. Suitable for all levels. This shore dive takes you to a maximum depth of 14 metres.


White River

At the entrance of the Akamas National Park this dive site offers a variety of gullies and a fantastic underwater scenery. With a maximum depth of around 11 metres this dive is ideal for beginners but also offers a lot for the experienced diver too.


Cynthiana Beach

Starting at a natural pool this dive will take you to a lot of overhangs, interesting rock formations and gullies. Dive depth ranging from 6 metres to 12 metres making this shore dive very enjoyable for all levels. This dive site is also ideal for fantastic night dives.

Wreck of the Achilleas

The Achilleas was a Greek vessel which mysteriously exploded in 1975 and then sunk and came to rest in 11 meters of water in 1975. The wreck lies up side down in three main sections and offers a lot to see under the bow and the ripped open stern. The bronze propeller and the engine of the ship are just a few highlights of this dive site.


Wreck of the 'Vera K'

The Vera K is a Lebanese Freighter which grounded in shallow water. It then has been used for targeting practice by the Cypriot Military. In 1974 the ship was declared a hazard to other ships and was blown up. The explosion produced a crater which shelters the Vera K at a depth of 11 meters. The wreck features many interesting areas in particular the partially intact bridge. Beside the wreck this dive site also offers a very nice and colourful archway. This is an ideal dive for all levels and is the first dive in our two tank dives outings.


Amphorae Caves

A fantastic dive of archaeological importance. The dive takes you to depth from 5 metres to 12 metres where you can find and explore several caves and gullies. There are a few swimthroughs which consist of encrusted amphorae in the roof of the cave. According to archaeologists this happened due to movements of the seabed many thousand years ago. This brilliant dive is the second dive of our two tank dives outings. Not to be missed.


Wreck of the Zenobia

This is one of the best wreck dives you will ever make. The Zenobia is in the top ten listed wrecks world-wide. The 'Roll on Roll Off' ferry sank in 1980 just one mile off shore. With a length of 178 metres and most cargo still in place this dive is a must for every experienced diver staying in Cyprus. The wreck lies on its port side with many of the 108 trucks visible. The depth of the Zenobia starts at 17 metres and reaches the seabed at 42 metres. This daytrip requires an early start and includes two dives on the Zenobia, a brilliantly prepared lunch and all transfers. If you have dived the wreck once you always want to go back. Nitrox is ideal on these two dives. This dive is only suitable for experienced divers.

Wreck of the Elpida

A new addition to diving attractions in Cyprus has been sunk in order to create an artificial reef approximately 1 mile from the coast of Larnaca in the form of the Elpida (meaning Hope). The Elpida is a cargo vessel of Greek origin and is 63 metres long, she was laid to rest on the sea bed to a depth of 30 metres and is suitable for all levels of diving with the uppermost deck at 15 metres, the rear deck around 18 metres, the cargo area starting at 20 metres and a number of diver safe penetration routes throughout the wreck, from the bridge through to the engine room.

The new artificial reef is Larnaka region’s first and is co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-2020). It is anticipated that marine life will flourish soon after the establishment of the reef, adding to Larnaka’s existing dive propositions.


Day Trip to the Latchi

Latchi is a beautiful little village on the North Coast of Cyprus, a 45 minutes drive by car from Coral Bay. This beautiful area offers spectacular dive sites. You will be doing two dives on that trip; The first one at the beautiful St. Georges Island and after a relaxing lunch break in either the picturesque Latchi Harbour or in one of the bays to another local dive site. This daytrip is suitable for all levels with depth between 5 metres and 35 metres.


Day Trip to Jubilee Shoals

This is a fantastic dive just off the coast of Pissouri a 40 minute drive from Coral Bay. A ten minutes boat ride will take you to the dive site. The dives are taking you to the beautiful caves at around 36 metres and offer a spectacular scene. The second dive is also in the same area after a relaxing surface interval with tea and coffee and a snack. This dive is only suitable for the experienced divers. Dive depth 40 metres.

Wreck of the Lady Thetis

With a length of 30m and a breadth of 8m, she lies on a sandy bottom at a depth of 19m. Being a recreational boat you can still see the dining tables on the top deck and penetrate the Captains Bridge and engine room.

Wreck of the Costandis

Again laying on a sandy bottom with a length of 23m and a breadth of 8.6m with an open engine room which is very easy to penetrate.

The sea life is gradually increasing with Groupers, Morays, Octopus and Sea Bream being commonly found.

Wreck of the White Star

Sunk in February 2007 this is a recent addition to our dive sites. Originally built in 1954 she was brought by a Cypriot company from it’s previous owners in Russia. In use until 2005 when due to a change in Cypriot fishing regulations she was taken out of service. Most of the infrastructure was removed & the boat left in the harbour where she began to submerge due to cracks in the hull. Repairs were made to enable her to be towed to Limassol for scrapping but these repairs did not hold & the White Star sank just 10 minutes outside Paphos harbour & now lies in 14-18 metres of water. An excellent dive with the boat remaining largely intact with plenty to see. Home to a resident grouper & other marine life this dive should be near to the top of the list.

Non Divers are welcome on all our daytrips.

Take the opportunity to go Snorkelling and have a look what is going on down there. (For all daytrips minimum participant numbers apply)



Coral Bay Divers


Paphos, Cyprus


7 day stay in a luxury villa (6 persons sharing) or luxury apartment (2 persons sharing) with 5 days diving, 10 dives of your choice, and Car with GPS for 5 days, 

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Protaras Package

7 days stay in a luxury villa (6 persons sharing) or luxury apartment on the island (2 persons sharing) on the island with 5 days diving, 10 dives of your choice, Wet suits and equipment

Transfer Airport - Place of stay - Airport.

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16th Oct, 2019 – 23rd Oct, 2019

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Viking Dive


Zenobia Package

3 day stay in a luxury villa (6 persons sharing) or a luxury apartment in Larnaca (2 persons sharing) with 2 days diving, 3 dives of your choice, and Car with GPS for 2 days, Wet suits and equipment

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Pissouri Bay Divers


Taster Package

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