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The Barefoot Dive Centre


The Barefoot Diving Centre guarantees the highest level of quality and professionalism and offers complete sets of rental equipment including BCD’s, regulators, masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits, dive computers and weights/weight belts. It can provide customised services and courses suitable for both adults and children (from 8 years), along with beginner and refresher courses, available from both PADI and SSI. Everything from Open Water Diver, Advanced and many Specialty Courses are available, including Enriched Air ‘Nitrox’.

‘Discover Scuba Diving’ or ‘Basic ‘Diver’ offers the opportunity to experience diving without the need for any license. These one day ‘experience dives’ are available for those that simply wish to try scuba diving without committing to a full Open Water Diver certification. Free Trials are also offered in our pool, providing  the opportunity to try out the equipment with the help of one of our instructors, allowing almost anyone to experience breathing underwater for the very first time, ideal if you’ve never tried scuba diving before!

Barefoot Diving have almost exclusive access to approximately 30 beautiful dive sites (depending on the season) at an average distance of around 40 minutes by boat.

Often with no other boats or divers on any of our dive sites, this offers our divers, amazing opportunities to experience our wonderful marine environment at its absolute best.

The Barefoot dive team select the appropriate dive sites according to your diving level and experience, with specific sites used for training dives and the more advanced, deeper dive sites for the more experienced, advanced and expert divers. Our dive sites provide the opportunity for divers to see a wide range of marine life from the macro subjects like shrimps and nudibranch, to the larger species such as sharks and even manta rays in the appropriate seasons, while dolphins can regularly be seen while navigating to and from our dive sites.



The PADI diving courses and programs are all performance based. This means that all performance requirements of the course must be completed before moving on. All our PADI Course Materials are available in either book form or digital version.

Additionally, all PADI Dive Courses have a mandatory Medical Statement. A link to the necessary form can be found below alongside the course descriptions.

All PADI materials are available in either book or digital versions.

Stuff for the kids:

  •    Bubblemaker


Experience programs for all:

  •    Discover Scuba Diving
      PADI Open Water Diver
      PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
      PADI Rescue Diver
      PADI Divemaster

Speciality courses:

  •    Diver Specialty Diver



The Bubblemaker program is the perfect opportunity for young children to experience Scuba.

In a fantastic environment with a PADI Professional your children will be diving to maximum 2

metres in Confined Water and have a look at some of the things down there. Watching fish or

playing games under water makes this program the most popular diving experience for


Minimum age is 8 years old. Duration 2½ hours.
(Confined Water : a swimming pool or a beach area which has pool like conditions)



Discover Scuba Diving


That's what you always wanted. To weightlessly glide through the water looking at the magic world of the sea. With the Discover Scuba Diving Program you can do exactly that - No experience necessary. In a short but informative theory session you will be learning the essentials of using the underwater skills and how to descend safely. Following this you will enter the confined water and get familiar with breathing and moving under water as well as completing some skills. After that the real adventure starts and you will be going into the Open Water and experience the real under water world.
(Confined Water : a swimming pool or a beach area which has pool like conditions)
(Open Water : the sea or ocean, lake).

Master Scuba Diver
Rescue Diver

PADI Scuba Diver

During the PADI Scuba Diver Course you will be learning the basics of scuba diving. This program takes between 1 and 1½ days. The completion of the Scuba Diver program opens up the underwater world to a maximum of 12 metres, under the professional guidance of a qualified PADI Professional.

PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is the most popular entry level diving course which will introduce you to the underwater world. During the Open Water Course you will learn skills need to safely scuba dive. The theory, confined water training and open water dives will teach you the important skills you need to know to be a safe diver and to enjoy the underwater world.

PADI Adventure Diver

The PADI Adventure Diver program can be completed in as little as one day. You are required to complete three exciting dives of your choice. This can be navigation, underwater photography, wreck, fish identification dive and many more. This is ideal for those with a tight time schedule or for children to take an easy comfortable next step.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the next exciting step and introduces you into several different underwater activities such as wreck diving, deep diving, navigation, under water photography, fish identification and much more. During these dives you will accomplish simple tasks which will further enhance your skills as a diver becoming more comfortable and confident in the adventurous underwater environment.
To complete the Advanced Open Water Diver you must complete a navigation dive and a deep dive all other electives are options.

PADI Rescue Diver

Take control and become a PADI Rescue Diver. This is a very important, interesting and exciting course. This is the time where you start your leadership training. The Rescue Diver Course teaches you to become more efficient with your diving skills and also shows you various ways how to prevent and manage emergencies with divers at the surface and underwater.

PADI Dive Master

Become a true professional and start to train as a PADI Dive Master. This leadership program gives you the necessary tools, skills and understanding to function as an instructional assistant, a dive guide, a mentor and much more. The dive theory knowledge is now at a professional level and your dive skills to demonstration quality. A Dive Master is an important asset to a diving centre and diving instructor. You can start teaching your own courses such as Discover Snorkelling and the PADI Skin Diver. A Dive Master can complete the Emergency First Response Instructor Course and then teach the most important First Aid programs.

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