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With a more stable meteorology and hotter waters than in Azores, the Archipelago of Madeira can offer equally good visibility and nice shades of blue. However it also requires a plane ride to get to.

The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo enable nice immersions mostly all year.

In short, Portugal has many different places that are good for diving. If the much-wanted long distance trip is impossible, good diving is perfectly achievable when in Portugal, so do not stop diving. Come on getaways with that will make you develop a taste for diving in Portuguese waters. Without forgetting that, the people that regularly dive in Portugal are great divers “outside”. If you really cannot even go on getaways for a few days, don't hesitate and ask us for your favorite dives. 

Also, do something about your next diving trip. Mentally, verify the conditions of your equipment: the required maintenance procedures or put aside some money (don't spend every cent on this trip) to buy that item you were missing.

The equipment offered in specialized stores has been increasing in the last few years, you will find here almost everything if you want to buy, with a bigger diversity of brands and a larger number of establishments where you can buy them.

Is it really impossible to take care of the equipment or go to the stores? Well, in that case, take a sit on your couch, type on your browser and book the dives or a diving package to go to the diving spots that appear on these pages. Who knows if next year you will be sending us a beautiful article and photos of that diving dream trip!

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