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Malta’s caves, reefs and wrecks are reached from either the shore or by boat and are suitable for beginners, advanced and technical divers.

One of Malta’s most popular dive sites is the Blue Hole. The dive begins in a pool at 12 m and leads through a crevice – your window to the ocean’s clear blue waters and the octopus and lobster that live amongst the rock. Bright orange and silver parrot fish also greet you. Advanced divers marvel at the atmospheric reflections in deeper caves.

Wonderful arches and swim throughs take you to a Madonna statue where scorpion fish come to pray for forgiveness. Luckier divers may spot a triggerfish.


Due to the site’s topography it is recommended for night dives. If you’re not qualified in wreck diving – Malta could be the place to learn.


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Oil tanker Um El Faroud 


This oil tanker weighs more than 10 000 tons and measures 115 meters. It has been sunk to serve as an artificial reef in 1995. It is nowadays the best dive wreckship of Malta but also the most famous. Steams can be very strong there, that’s why one must know a little about the area or dive with a local diver. The wreck that stands on a sandy bottom is 31 to 35 meters deep. Besides the impressive size of the boat, divers will also enjoy the important marine life on the boat squids, congers, barracudas…. The most interesting elements to see are the propeller, the rudder, the bridge, the control room and the holds only for advanced divers. Its ability to propose various rich spots leads it to be considered as the best diving spot of malta.


MV Karwela Wreck  


Lauched in 1957 then used as a ferry until 2002, this 58 m long boat was sunk in 2006 with the same purpose as the previous one, becoming a touristic artificial reef. The wreck that stands in a perfect vertical position is located 80 m far from the entrance of the diving spot. The easy access ans its intact structure make it Gozo’s best dive spot. During this dive, you wil be able to visit the three bridges composing the boat.


Maltese patrol boat P29  


This boat was a minesweeper built in East Germany then sold to Malta in 1997 to be used as a patrol boat. It was then scuttled ten years later in 2007 near Ċirkewwa. Once again, the aim was to create an artificial reef ideal for divers. By the way, there is another wreckship not far from this one, Rozi, but it is obviously not as interesting as P29. P29 wreckship has an flat position and is located on sandy bottoms, 36 meters deep from the surface. You can get there by giving a heading of 270° during five minutes in a weak depth, then you directly face the back of the ship. You can go up from the stern to the bridge that you have to cross to reach the machine gun which remains intact.


Anchor Bay 


Anchor Bay is the location of the popular theme park ‘Popeye Village’, which is based on the preserved set of the 1980 film ‘Popeye’ starring Robin Williams.

The picturesque bay lies in the northwest of the island and is frequented all year round. Divers can enter the water from the jetty, then follow the left wall out of the bay towards the open sea

There’s a big cave reachable at just 10 metres depth. You can surface inside the cave where you can admire a dome shaped ceiling.


HMS Maori 

The HMS Maori was a British WWII Destroyer, bombed and sunk on February 14th, 1942 in Valletta Grand Harbour.

The ship received a direct hit to the engine room, killing the one person who was on board at the time of the bombing. Since it was blocking the harbour, the Maori was towed out of the way.

The towing broke up the wreck into two parts, one of which is diveable. Although it is partly buried in sand, the swim through is relatively straightforward


At around 14 metres depth, the Maori is considered a relaxed and easy dive.


Ċirkewwa Reef, Caves and Tunnels 


This popular dive site lies just besides the Gozo ferry terminal in Ċirkewwa. It is frequented by beginners and experienced divers alike, by day and also by night. The dive starts with a shallow plateau of 10+ metres depth.

At 18 metres, you can find the entrance to a small cave in which divers placed a statue of the Holy Mary. Experienced divers may proceed down the plateau to 26 metres depth where there are several small caves and tunnels.


Tug Boat Rożi 


Located about 100 metres from the ferry terminal, the Rożi was scuttled in 1992 to serve as an underwater attraction for Captain Morgan’s Underwater Safari Tours, a local company that organises guided aquatic tours around the islands.

The Rozi was a 40-metre long harbour tug boat that operated in the Valletta Grand Harbour until 1992, when it was sold to Captain Morgan Cruises.

It now sits perfectly upright and fully intact on the sandy seabed, just off the Ċirkewwa reef. The upper deck of the wreck lies at 25 metres while the rudder is at a depth of 36 metres.

The engine and propellers were removed before sinking.

Comino Santa Maria Caves


Once used as the backdrop for scenes in The Count Of Monte Cristo, the Comino caves are located in a sheltered area on the eastern side of the island and has a maximum depth of 16m.


They are very open and it is possible to swim through one cave and exit through another. The sunlight creates beautiful patterns as it glimmers through the crevices, and much of the inside of the caves is bright red when illuminated with a torch. Outside, you can find schools of sea bream and the occasional octopus.

Comino P31 Wreck


P31 wreck is a boat dive for all levels of certified divers. The depth is 20 m under the bow and 18 m at the stern, which is buried in the sand after the wreck moved during storms over the winter 2010-2011 – P31 now lies about 25 m from the buoy towards Alex’s Cave. The top part at only 7 m deep from the surface.


The shallow depth makes this a great training wreck for beginners, and interesting also for more experienced divers. Many areas were left open and the wreck is easy to penetrate; divers can swim through P31 all the way from the stern to the bow, although there is lots of sand inside the engine room. For divers choosing not to enter P31, there is plenty of marine life to view during exploration of the exterior. P31 is suitable for free diving too, and even snorkelers can see the whole wreck from the surface.

Gozo Inland sea left and right


Often incorporated into the same dive as the nearby Blue Hole, at a maximum depth of 60m the Inland Sea is a landlocked lagoon that was created when two limestone caves collapsed.


From here, you swim through a 100m-long narrow canyon that winds from the headland to the ocean. At the far end of this tunnel, the open sea greets you with a burst of the most stunning blue. Small fishing boats constantly ferry tourists through the canyon, so good buoyancy is a must.

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Gozo Blue Hole


Located at Dwejra on the western side of Gozo, the Blue Hole is typically dived from the shore and has a maximum depth of 60m.


A couple of minutes’ walk across the rocky terrain brings you to a natural round pool in the rock. After descending to 10m, you can exit into the open sea to see the rest of the Azure Window underwater. The dramatic cliffs drop to depths of more than 50m and the visibility is usually excellent – which, combined with gullies and swim-throughs, makes for an excellent dive.

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